Since it was formed the NCF has been challenging the cultural orthodoxies dominant in the media, academia, education, and British culture in its widest sense. We have forged important relationships within the national political, media and cultural spheres and now enjoy a high profile.

Through our research projects and highly-praised and influential publications, our active media work and our interactions with ministers and cultural policy-makers and opinion-formers, we have contributed fresh thinking to the public and political debate on the cultural issues of our time.

We believe it is a mistake to assume that people are, as is often claimed by politicians, politically disengaged. Increasing numbers of us are very passionate about political and cultural issues, but feel there is no outlet within an atmosphere which is dominated by the existence of a liberal/left group-think.

Why the NCF?

In the last quarter of the 20th century, the Right decisively won the important economic arguments. But in the so-called Culture Wars, the liberal Left have dominated.

The triumph of cultural relativism and political correctness in the opinion-forming fields of the media, academia, education and culture has meant that these attitudes have become even more deeply entrenched. What started out as a counter-culture has become the reigning orthodoxy.

With the recent movement of the political right towards the so-called ‘centre ground’, even fewer dissenting voices are heard. The liberal establishment sets the terms of debate.

At a time of threat from extremism, the West finds itself besieged from within and without. Too often our enemies and our opinion formers appear to agree that Western culture is an indefensible horror.This is nonsense. The West is in fact a unique bastion of reasoned freedom. Britain in particular should be proud of the great role it has played in Western education, art and culture.

We formed the New Culture Forum as a response to this situation. An association of people who work in the media and cultural arenas, the NCF is the first body of its kind to draw specifically on these areas.

Peter Whittle is the founder and director of the New Culture Forum. He is the author of five successful and well-received books on aspects of British culture, including Look at Me: Celebrating the Self in Modern Britain and Being British: What's Wrong With It? He writes the Whittle’s London column for Standpoint magazine.

Born and educated in London, he was formerly a television producer and director, making programmes for both British and American networks. As a journalist he has contributed to numerous national and international publications, and has appeared widely across the British broadcast media.




The New Culture Forum produced fifty editions of the ground-breaking internet television cultural discussion show, Culture Clash which was streamed on the first UK Internet-based political TV station, 18 Doughty Street between 2006 and 2007.

Culture Clash covered a huge diversity of subject matter. The archives for all the programmes can be viewed here.

As NCF director, Peter Whittle appears regularly throughout the broadcast media in the UK and internationally. He has been a regular guest on BBC 2's Newsnight Review Show and its successor The Review Show, BBC's Daily Politics, The Politics Show, The Big Questions and The One Show.

He has also appeared on Sky News, Channel 5 News, BBC Global, BBC News Channel and Fox News in America. On radio he has been a frequent guest on Radio 4's Moral Maze, and has appeared too on Start the Week and Front Row, and on Radio 2's Claudia Winkleman Arts Show and the Jeremy Vine Show.


The Smith Lecture

2017 saw the NCF's inaugural Smith Lecture, which henceforth will be held annually. The guest speaker was the writer and broadcaster Douglas Murray, who spoke on the subject of his critically-acclaimed bestselling book The Strange Death of Europe.

Previous Events

Previous speakers at the New Culture Forum have included:

  • Robin Aitken, Author and journalist
  • Martin Amis, Novelist
  • Richard Bean, Playwirght
  • Katharine Birbasingh, Education campaigner
  • Chris Campbell, The National Theatre
  • Hugh Canning, Opera critic, Sunday Times
  • NThe Smith Lecture 2017 saw the NCF's inaugural Smith Lecture, which henceforth will be held annually. The guest speaker was the writer and broadcaster Douglas Murray, who spoke on the subject of his critically-acclaimed bestselling book The Strange Death of Europe. atalie Clein, Cellist
  • James Delingpole, Author and journalist
  • Matthew Elliott, Founder, Taxpayers Alliance
  • Michael Gove MP
  • Jonah Goldberg, Author
  • Stephen Hough, Pianist
  • Jeremy Hunt MP
  • Owen Jones, Author and columnist
  • Roger Kimball, Founder, The New Criterion
  • Ruth Mackenzie, Director, 2012 Cultural Olympiad
  • Minette Marrin, Columnist, Sunday Times
  • Douglas Murray, Author and broadcatster
  • Richard D. North, Author and broadcaster
  • Melanie Phillips, Author and journalist
  • Shelly Silas, Playwright
  • Stephan Shakespeare, Founder, YouGov
  • Anthony Seldon, Educationalist and author
  • Nick Starr, Execuitve Director, National Theatre
  • Petroc Trelawny, BBC Radio 3
  • Colin Tweedy, Chief Executive, Arts & Business
  • Ed Vaizey MP
  • Roger Wright, Director, BBC Promenade Concerts
  • Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE, RDI
  • Justin Webb, BBC North American Editor


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